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Best Bathroom Scale: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide!

Looking for the best Bathroom scales? Read our in-depth Bathroom Scales reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision.

Bathroom scales, virtually every home has one, but they’re not all created equal. Some require you to nearly step on them to turn them on, and others are so touchy you can barely walk by them without them malfunctioning and flashing angrily. There’s got to be a better option!


Top Recommended Bathroom Scales for 2017



To help you head into the new year with a bit less frustration regarding your bathroom scale, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten scales for all purposes and applications. Read on.

Whether you’re looking to track your progress or just stay healthy, these scales are for you.

#1 Recommendation: Dixon Bamboo Bathroom Scale by Crate and Barrel

Sleek, modern, and sure to dress up virtually any bathroom, the Crate and Barrel Dixon Bamboo Scale offers a smear-resistant coating and an attractive, bamboo face. Equipped with a lithium battery for a long lifespan, this scale is as beautiful as it is functional.

While you can admire it every time you walk by, you won’t have to worry about it failing on you anytime soon. The biggest drawback to this model is simply that the display window is a bit small and may be hard to read for some users.

#2 Recommendation: EatSmart ESBS-07 Precision Series Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale

Designed to help you track your weight loss (or gain) goals, this scale displays three different numbers every time you step on: your current weight, how many pounds of difference have accumulated since your last weigh-in, and how much different your current weight is from your starting weight.

What’s more, it can save the information for up to eight users, so it’s perfect for a family who is trying to get healthy together! The drawbacks? This scale has a lot of bells and whistles, and it can be confusing for people who just want to do the causal weigh-in.

#3 Recommendation: Escali XL200 Extra Large Display Scale

Escali XL200 Extra Large Display Scale

Gone are the days of too-small display windows. With this bathroom scale, all you have to do is tap your foot to the console, and the extra-large bright display window pops up.

What’s more, the numbers don’t go away right after you step off, so you can have time to write them down or show someone you love. The biggest downside to this scale is that it’s not particularly beautiful, and many users prefer a more streamlined appearance.

#4 Recommendation: Fitbit Aria Scale

Fitbit Aria Scale

Want a scale that integrates with your Fitbit tracker, for seamless weight tracking wherever you go? The Fitbit Aria Scale is that scale! In addition to displaying weight, this scale can measure BMI and body fat ratios, as well so accordingly you can highlight your body curves. What’s more, it can even sync seamlessly with your Fitbit to help you track your caloric intake and weight goals. It even displays charts. Like the EatSmart scale, though, it’s incredibly complicated, and it can be intimidating for people who just want to weigh themselves casually each morning. It’s also expensive, with a price tag of upwards of $100.

#5 Recommendation: HoMedics Carbon Fiber Glass Bathroom Scale

Made from sleek carbon fiber, this scale features a large, blue-backlit screen to display digital numbers. Ideal for anyone who hates struggling to read their scale in poorly lit bathrooms, this beauty addresses that problem while also offering streamlined functionality. Unlike other scales, it doesn’t measure BMI and caloric intake, so it’s best for people who just want a straight-up model without the bells and whistles. It also lets you know when its batteries are dying so you can change them.

#6 Recommendation: Pivotal Living Smart Scale

For a scale-meets-spaceship, check out the Pivotal Living Smart Scale. Equipped with unique foot pads to accurately measure your weight, BMI, and body fat, this scale offers an app that syncs with your phone and allows you to track your weight on a series of helpful charts. What’s more, it can be programmed to track weight for 16 different people, so it’s ideal for use at a small gym or studio. Once more, though, it’s complex, and can be out of reach for the everyday user.

#7 Recommendation: Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This scale tracks your heart rate, BMI, and weight. Like the Pivotal Living Scale, it comes with an app to track your data and sync to your smartphone. It also doubles as a halfway CO2-detector and monitors the CO2 and oxygen levels in your home. It will even let you know when to open a window for some fresh air. It’s expensive, though, and is way too confusing for most users to want to deal with it.

#8 Recommendation: QuardioBase Wireless Smart Scale

Designed to look like a space pod, this sleek, white, circular scale allows an unlimited number of users to create profiles on the scale and track their weight. It also tracks your BMI and uploads the data directly to the Quardio app, which makes for seamless goal tracking day after day. It can be tough to use, though, and the company doesn’t provide phone support.

#9 Recommendation: iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition HS6

iHealth Core Wireless Body Composition HS6

Ideal for anyone who wants a functional, multi-purpose scale that can handle up to 400 lbs. of weight and ten users, this is the one. It’s easy to use, nice to look at, and ideal for tracking your weight goals. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the heaviest and largest scales out there, which may rule it out for some people

#10 Recommendation: BlueAnatomy Wireless iBF5

A sleek digital scale that measures body and bone mass, muscle levels, and even the body’s water content, this is a functional and intelligent scale that’s a steal for less than $100. Ideal for people who want a multifunctional wireless scale and don’t mind learning to use a complex system, this is ideal for tracking weight goals.

Bathroom scales come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re not created equal. With these top ten options, though, it’s easy to find one that works for you.

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