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Best Leggings For The Woman: Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Looking for the best leggings for the woman? Read our in-depth leggings for the woman reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision.

Leggings might just be the most versatile and practical piece of clothing a woman can own. Very few other garments can be worn with casual shoes out for a day of shopping, or with heels for a day at the office. Leggings can be purchased in a solid color or with a printed pattern, worn with a long flannel shirt or sweater, and paired with boots or flats.

Where to Start When You Want to Wear Leggings

With so many different styles and combination choices, it may be difficult to figure out where to start. What style would fit best? Is it okay for everyone to wear leggings? Is there an occasion when they’re too casual?

When worn correctly, leggings can actually serve to enhance your body, no matter your size. The key is to remember that leggings are not pants and should be worn with layers, whether it’s at the office or while running errands.

The key to finding the perfect pair is to choose the correct fit for your body type and then pair your leggings with the appropriate top.

  1. Start with quality fabric: Don’t go the cheap, chintzy route; spend a little bit more and avoid the awkward see-through mishaps that can come with subpar fabric. Look for high-quality blends, and if possible, look at the leggings in person so you can check for the best materials.
  1. Choose a simple shoe: Leggings pair best with a solid color flat, boots, or basic pump. Keep the footwear simple in this case. The combination of leggings (especially the printed style) and a crazy shoe is just too much at one time.
  2. Layer, layer, layer: If you think of leggings as a pair of tights rather than a pair of pants, choosing a top to go with it will be easier. Opt for long tops (think mid-thigh) to hide the backside, hips, and stomach.

Best Leggings for Every Woman

A grown woman needs to pick the right kind of leggings; the same cute pattern that looks good on a toddler probably won’t work for her mom. There are a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors for women of every age; the key is in knowing where to look and what looks best on you.

Choosing a style that’s too big will make you look frumpy, but pick one that’s too tight will look just as bad.

Here are the best leggings around for every woman, whether you are small, plus-size, or you just can’t get enough print!

  • Best Printed Leggings

Lush Moda Extra Soft Leggings Lush Moda Extra Soft Leggings

If you have been looking for leggings with a fun print, they are all right here. A variety of unique patterns include:

  • Snowflakes
  • Aztec
  • Flowers
  • Tribal

The Lush Moda legging collection is labeled as “one size fits most” and should work for most women who wear sizes extra small to extra-large. The polyester blend and comfortable waistband are designed to be comfortable every day of the week or if you also want to reduce weight and want to be in shape you can try waist trainer for better results.

The patterns pictured online may differ slightly from the actual pattern. The great amount of stretch may also not provide as tight of a fit as some wearers would prefer.


  • Best Leggings for Petite Sizes

NYDJ Women’s Petite Jodie Ponte Legging NYDJ Women’s Petite Jodie Ponte Legging

The NYDJ Women’s Jodie Ponte Leggings are available in size 0 petite all the way up to 18 petite. They are specially designed with a rayon, nylon, and spandex material blend to offer the best comfort for both casual and dressed-up looks.

For the NYDJ Petite line, customers suggest ordering a size or two smaller than you normally wear, as these leggings have a lot of stretch to them. Currently, they are only available in solid colors and not patterns.



  • Best Leggings for Plus-Sizes

ViV Collection Plus-Size ViV Collection Plus-Size

This collection comes in so many different prints and designs, there is no end to the style combinations you can make. From a chromatic splash to camouflage print, the Viv Collection is designed for women who want to dress up or down a little bit. One size fits all.

These leggings are not a high-waist cut and may not fit everyone just right. Customers should be sure they are purchasing the actual ViV brand before buying these leggings, as other brands claiming to be similar will not fit the same or have the same pattern.

Keep the Style Modern Day

It is possible for women of every size and age to wear a great pair of high-quality leggings. It may take a little practice to get the look just right, but with such a variety of ways to wear them, it’s (almost) impossible to go wrong.

Here are some ideas for different looks:

  • Casual weekend: Pair gray suede leggings with a belted sweater and tall boots.
  • At the office: Grab a short dress from your summer stash and wear it with solid leggings, a scarf, and tall boots.
  • Girl’s night: Choose denim-style leggings, pair with a beaded top and casual jacket, and finish out the look with pretty flats. Throw on a scarf if the weather is cool.
  • Lunch meeting: A sleeveless top, wide belt, and black leggings paired with flat shoes all go together splendidly!


Go Ahead-Grab a Pair!

If you are still on the fence about leggings, start by purchasing a basic pair and see how it fits. Layer it with a simple long shirt and some boots or flats, and wear them around to see what you think. Dress them up with simple jewelry and a scarf, or keep it more simple and throw on a long cardigan and some slip-on shoes.

Just remember that this isn’t 1980, look around on style websites for fashion inspiration to keep the look modern and current. Read customer reviews and see what others think about the pair you’re considering. Have a friend who always looks great, no matter what color leggings she has on? Ask around to see what brand your friends and family love. With a little bit of research and some time, you can embrace the comfort and versatility of a great pair of leggings

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