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Best Shampoo for Oily Hair: Our Top Recommendations for 2017

Looking for the best shampoo for oily hair? Read our in-depth shampoo for oily hair reviews, comparison charts and top picks for 2017 to help you make the right buying decision.

Oily hair can be a nuisance, especially for those who can’t seem to find a solution in over-the-counter products. This is especially frustrating for individuals who take good care of themselves and yet can’t seem to get a handle on how to manage all that scalp grease. The problem can be embarrassing and difficult to get control of, even with the best products.

Why Is My Scalp So Greasy?

A greasy scalp can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Hormone issues related to puberty
  • Thyroid complications
  • Menopause and pregnancy

When our bodies produce sebum or the natural grease made by our scalps, it appears as oil in our hair. Even with all of the attempts to fix the problem, you may find that only gets worse with time. You may have heard things like, “wash your hair less often,” or, “it’s all about the products.” It may come as a surprise that these are both true!

While there is not much you can do to fix problems related to thyroid issues or menopause, there are some simple steps you can follow that may get rid of some of that grease and give you back your lovely locks.

Wash Less Often

Why not try skipping the shampoo just once a week? Maybe this option will work on a day off or on the weekend when you won’t be out much. Gradually move up to allowing 3 days between shampoo times and see if it makes a difference. On the days you do wash, use a high quality, clarifying shampoo with ingredients that are designed to lift the oil and not just cover it up.

In between washes, it may be helpful use a dry shampoo or hair powder to keep oils at bay. They can be sprinkled on during the day when you start to notice build up and work on almost any type of scalp. Check your local drugstore or online to see which dry shampoo would work for you.

Choose Quality Products

Look for a shampoo that is specially designed to balance the excess moisture on your scalp. If you must use conditioner, only apply it on the ends, and pick something with natural ingredients to keep the ends soft. For those with a sensitive scalp, a shampoo with natural ingredients may also alleviate the itching can come with greasy hair.

Keep in mind that quality does not have to equal expensive. There are many brands of affordable shampoos and leave-in conditioners that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Several big drugstore names have developed lines of shampoos that are free of parabens, sulfates, and chemicals, which may be more soothing on a scalp while still giving off a great scent.


Top Recommended Shampoos for Oily Hair for 2017


Maple Holistics Degrease8 fl oz.Homeopathic Dandruff ShampooAnti Dandruff Formula4.9/5
Tru Moroccan Natural Clarifying8 fl oz. Organic ShampooNatural Oils4.7/5
Head & Shoulders Instant Oil Control Dandruff Shampoo12 fl oz.Instant Oil ControlMango & Citrus Essence4.6/5


Best Shampoos for Oily Hair

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to taking care of your oily locks, take a look at some of the best shampoos available for this unique hair type. It may take some time to find the perfect solution for your need, so don’t rush to ditch the bottle if it doesn’t work right away. Read customer reviews for an indication of how well the product worked for others.

In addition, always be sure to follow instructions carefully, and if your favorite product has conditioner partner, it might be worth it to try both!

Best Natural Product

Maple Holistics Degrease

This 100% natural product features a clarifying treatment with the addition of lemon essential oil designed to remove oil buildup on the scalp. Maple Holistics Degrease Shampoo works to fight dandruff as well, without the addition of sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

Users may find that Degrease Shampoo cleans so well, it strips hair of its natural shine. For those who struggle with extremely oily hair or scalp, a visit to the dermatologist may be a better option.

Best for Color-Treated Hair

Tru Moroccan Natural Clarifying

The fresh citrus scent of this clarifying formula is safe for color-treated and damaged hair. Tru Moroccan Natural Clarifying works to remove excess buildup and bring balance back to the scalp area. This shampoo contains no parabens or harmful chemicals and is made with high-quality natural ingredients.

Some users did find that Tru Moroccan actually made their scalp itchier, and others saw improvement in their hair only for a short time. The level of thickness may vary between packages.

Best Drugstore Buy

Head & Shoulders Instant Oil Control Dandruff Shampoo

The popular shampoo brand for dandruff sufferers features a product designed to help control scalp oil. Head & Shoulders Instant Oil Control with a mango essence is gentle enough to use every day. It also works to relieve itch associated with a dry scalp.

This shampoo does not claim to contain 100% natural ingredients, and may it not work every day for all individuals. It is also dangerous if ingested.

A Healthy Scalp Means a Happy You

Sometimes, the issues we have with our hair is because of the choices we’ve made, including over styling, excessive product buildup, and sun damage. Other times, we can thank genetics for our unmanageable curls, persistent wave, or limp locks. Thankfully there are many great products that help to address almost every issue that hair can have.

If you find that your scalp issues are extremely unmanageable, it may be best to talk to a dermatologist who can recommend something stronger, even if only for a short period. He or she is trained to understand how the scalp produces oil and effective ways to control the overproduction of oils.

Hair problems are never fun to deal with, whether it’s oily, dry, damaged, or frizzy. The good news is that it may not be entirely your fault; sometimes, medical conditions and life circumstances just get in the way of having healthy hair. Try skipping a wash and pair that with a high-quality shampoo, and see what may come. You never know the perfect product may just be a click away!

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