Best Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Top Recommendations and Reviews 2017

While many people think shampoo is shampoo, dozens of varieties on the market today contain sulfates, harmful synthetic compounds that can wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing. Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid these nasty substances by purchasing sulfate-free shampoo.

With all of the cleaning benefits but none of the harmful sulfates, these shampoos promise to perform well and go easy on your hair and skin.


To help you choose, here are our top picks for 2016-2017.


The top 10 Sulfate-Free Shampoos for 2016-2017


Whether you have fine, curly, or thick hair, these ten sulfate-free shampoos will help you look and feel beautiful, without the synthetic components.

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

Known for its high-class packaging and elegant bottle, the OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo features coconut oil to coat, protect, and soften strands while the whipped egg white proteins strengthen them from the inside out. Creamy, easy to apply, and ideal for all types of hair, this unique little shampoo is perfect for anyone who wants to purchase their first sulfate-free shampoo. The only drawback? The intense coconut smell turns some people off.

Verb Hydrating Shampoo

While you may not see this in the aisles of your grocery store, this small, Austin-based company has nailed the process of making a natural, sulfate-free shampoo that still cleanses hair thoroughly and enriches strands every time you use it. Enhanced with Vitamin B5, this formula also helps to protect your hair from damage by the sun and harsh, dry environments. Pure, natural, and unscented, this is a fantastic option for people who want to keep their hair care simple and sulfate-free. Just bear in mind that it may not clean your hair quite like you’re used to.

Paul Mitchell Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Shampoo

Made with tea tree oil, this scalp-helper is completely sulfate free and balances the scalp’s natural moisture levels to prevent itching and dryness. What’s more, the formula applies nicely to the hair and even helps boost your hair’s volume a bit. Ideal for anyone who wants a functional, hard-working shampoo without the frills and whistles of a scented, volumizing, or curling variety, this anti-thinning formula helps your hair stay healthy and happy for years to come. People with incredibly sensitive skin may want to watch out, though, since tea tree oil can be irritating for some.

Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

Spent years coloring, styling, or straightening your hair? Protect it and your scalp with this unique sulfate-free, scalp-care formula. Designed to stick to strands and coat them during application, this shampoo features a unique gel texture, which is fantastic for people with dry or brittle hair. Simply slather it on, wash it off, condition, and you’re good to go. Enriched with keratin, the formula helps repair dry and damaged hair and will even combat your worst frizz days. For people with oily hair, though, it may be too heavy and can contribute to a limp look.

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo

Want to remove oil without stripping your hair? Want shampoo that smells nice but doesn’t contain sulfates? Looking for something that won’t make you cringe at the price every time you purchase it? Look no further than Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo. Gently scented, infused with berry extracts, and priced at less than $10 a bottle, this sulfate-free shampoo removes grease and adds a soft feel and natural texture to hair. While the formula may be a bit too silky for curly or dense hair, it works well for moderate or thin hair.

Briogeo Blossom and Ginseng Biotin Volumizing Shampoo

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from thin hair, Briogeo Blossom and Ginseng Biotin Volumizing Shampoo will help add natural volume without making you feel like Dolly Parton. Infused with natural botanicals and ginseng, this formula gives hair a boost and lets off a nice, flowery scent that many users love. Just be sure not to use it on curly hair, since the volume it provides can alter the texture and style of the curls.

dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

If you suffer from a dry, flaky scalp, but you don’t want to use traditional dandruff shampoos that are filled with sulfates, reach for this gem. Featuring apple cider vinegar, this hair shampoo is ideal for colored hair and helps strip chlorine, metal buildup, and dander from hair to restore its vibrancy and healthy luster. What’s more, it’s ideal for people with dandruff, since it exfoliates the scalp and has anti-inflammatory properties. The downside is that it smells like, you guessed it, apple cider vinegar. This may be off-putting to some people.

Acure Organics Pure Mint and Echinacea Stem Cell Shampoo

Acure is a forward-thinking beauty line that uses organic and natural products to craft skin- and hair-care treatments that work with the body to help you look and feel beautiful. Safe to use on colored hair, the Acure Organics Pure Mint and Echinacea Stem Cell Shampoo features plant stem cells to help boost and enhance the hair. The downside is that it also creates a cooling sensation while you use it. While some people love this, others hate it on their heads.

Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo

Affordable, effective, and ideal for virtually all hair types, Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo features seaweed extract and other natural cleaning agents. Designed to remove grease and oil without stripping or harming your hair, this formula makes hair feel shiny and soft, and can help restore some of your hair’s natural volume. Just be careful not to use it on dry hair, since it can leave it feeling coarse.

Eden BodyWorks JojOba Moisturizing Shampoo

Designed to strip hair of oil and grease without harming it, this unique sulfate-free shampoo is gentle, nicely scented, and ideal for dry hair. Use it on dense or oily hair, though, and it will just weigh you down.

Finding a sulfate-free shampoo that works can be a challenge, but these ten top picks are ideal for anyone looking to strip harmful products from their haircare routines!

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