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6 Ways to Highlight Your Body Curves

The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don’t wear her. ~Mary Quant

Indeed, a fashionista knows how to wear and carry a particular dress. She is aware of the latest trends and about what to wear when.

Since we are so fond of the hour-glass shaped body, we have brought for you exclusive fashion tips so that you know how to accentuate your curves and pick clothes that will compliment you.

Selection of a Shapewear and Bra

It is very important for every curvy woman to know their size and choose the right kind of Shapewear because it makes a whole lot of difference in making your body appealing. You might as well skim through our top recommended waist training corsets for the year.


Pick a bra which gives you a great fit, is comfortable and gives you a beautiful cleavage. You can experiment with a wide variety of bras from a full cup, soft cup bras to underwire strapless and balcony bras, keeping your dress in mind. For shapewear, you can go for camisole corsets and shaper slips to equate your silhouette and give you a classic look.

Get the Right Fit

Most women tend to pick dresses that are oversized and ill-fitted. If you are among them, then please stop! They are going to make your body look heavier. Also, do not settle for dresses that are too clingy.

Be confident and go for dresses that sublime your figure. Choose well fitted and tailored clothes for your body that will enhance your waist and at the same time won’t be too tight on your bust and bottom. A right outfit will truly be transcendence.

Experiment with colors and prints

Is your wardrobe dominated by shades of black just because they make you look slimmer? Well, I think sticking to black every time you step out is too monotonous and boring. Go bold and experiment with bright colors and prints. Vertical prints, leopard print, and even floral prints can be an asset for that curvy luscious body. If your dress has bold prints then you can balance out your outfit by wearing a mono-colored jacket.

Find the design that suits you

Your curves are your boon for they offer you the opportunity to experiment with different styles. You can go for the sheath and midi dresses or opt for wrap dresses that are light and gentle on your body. Even rompers and high waist denim look magnificent on you.

Choose dress

And yes! Don’t forget to shop for skirts! You can go for an array of styles like pencil skirts, trumpet skirts, tulip skirts, wrap skirts, maxi skirts and pleated ones! 

Pay attention to details

Since you have such an amazing curvaceous figure with a slender waistline, a waist-belt is your best comrade. Accessorize your outfit with a waist belt and add details to your curves. Also, go for crop jackets or waist-length coats to add oomph.
Similarly, choose a dress whose length ends somewhere around the knees as it will make your legs look slimmer and longer. Furthermore, keep in consideration the neckline of your dress; prefer picking a V-neck outfit as it will make your neck look perfect. You can also flaunt your cleavage if going to a party.

Don’t compromise with comfort

It is always important to be at ease and have confidence in your style and dressing. Don’t compromise with your comfort and go for dresses that you know you can carry well. Listen to your mood and follow your heart. Wear what you love because if you feel beautiful inside you will definitely look beautiful from outside.

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