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Ditching the traditional skin care creams, dermatologists are now relying on completely natural kit to take care of their skin.

"Terpene hydrocarbons are one of the primary compounds of tea tree oil, and this makes it a powerful anti-bacterial remedy. Most cosmetics make use of this compound for their anti-acne creams" - Dr. Kanwar, Senior Dermatologist

5 reasons why they are absolutely loving this - 

1. Zero chemicals - If there is one thing that dermatologists agree on is that chemicals in skin care creams slowly deteriorate your skin. So when they found an all natural solution, they jumped onto it

2. Acne Killer - Multiple studies have shown that tea tree oil (one of the products of this kit) is the most natural way of getting rid of acne. The best thing is this works on all skin types. 

3. UV Rays Protection - In a tropical country like India, sun rays can have an adverse effect on the skin and can even lead to cancer. Application of avocado oil (another product in this kit) forms a natural shield that protects your skin against the harmful rays. Being a natural oil, there is no irritation whatsoever. 

4. A Younger Looking Skin - Being rich in anti-oxidants, it helps in regeneration of skin cells. This gives the skin a natural glow. According to Dr. Rajan (a leading cosmetic dermatologist), "this saves you the trouble of buying those expensive creams, which can sometimes lead to major acne breakouts."

5. Night time treatment - Rich in Vitamin E, this helps to moisturise your skin. So when you wake up, your skin feels and looks a lot fresher. Being light in density, they easily penetrate your skin, which helps in locking the moisture for extended periods of time. 

Rouh Essentials brings three nutrient-rich oils (Argan, Avocado, and Tea Tree), to prepare the ultimate skincare kit!

"Women are now slaves to dozens of make-up products; this kit is changing that!"

This is what Sapna (a famous Instagram model) had to say about this. Apart from 'all organic' diet, she is now loving her new all organic skin routine. 

Here is a quick rundown of what this kit does for you 

  • Freedom from itchy, dry skin thanks to the deep skin moisturizing. 
  • Nourished cells which give your skin a youthful glow.
  • A clear blemish free skin. No more worrying about those stubborn pimples.

All of this made possible with the combination of three oils - Argan Oil, Avocado Oil and Tea Tree Oil!

Let's us go in-depth on how these three work their magic on your skin!

Argan Oil

According to dermatologists, Argan Oil is the best source for Vitamin A and E. But that's not all it is also enriched with anti-oxidants and Fatty acids like Omega-6.

This makes it a true powerhouse for your skin. From being a gentle night time moisturizer to easing inflammation, you get multiple benefits from a single bottle of Argan Oil.


"Nourishing my chapped lips, reducing acne inflammation, reducing stretch marks and hydrating dry skin. How can one single product do so much."  This is what Trisha had to say when she tried Argan Oil for the first time.

Tea Tree Oil

This was considered as a 'cure all' by native Australians. Before the rise of antibiotics, they used this for all kinds of skin conditions like fungal problems, cuts, and burns. It was even included in the kit of Australian army during the first and second world war. 

This might seem a bit too much, but the reason for its effectiveness has finally been revealed.

Tea tree oil is loaded with terpenes, and as per multiple studies (including the ones' published in National Institute of Health, United States), terpenes help in eradicating most bacteria including E.Coli.

Ultimately tea tree oil works to free your skin from acne, toenail fungus and even builds up resistance preventing future breakouts. 

Avocado Oil

The pulp of the superfruit Avocado is used to extract fatty acid rich Avocado oil. It compliments both tea tree and argan oil.

Thanks to the low density, it is easily absorbed by our skin. This is where the fatty acids come into play as they moisturize your skin from the inside, keeping it hydrated for longer periods of time. 

Apart from skin hydration, it brings the goodness of both tea tree and argan oil, to the deepest of skin cells.

The Ultimate Skin Care Kit!

Here is the what Dr. Sheety, a renowned Dermatologist, and a best-selling author, had to say about Rouh Essential's Skin Care kit - All of these products work great individually, but it is so much you can get out of this, by using them together.

This is the only thing I now rely on for my skin nourishment. Before going to bed I take 4 drops each of Argan & Avocado Oil and add one drop of Tea Tree Oil. I gently massage this mixture on my skin. I also do the same before leaving for work. 

You can use 2-3 drops of tea tree oil if you are looking to fight fungal infections, but for regular nourishment, this is the formula I recommend. 

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